Now that you’ve got a complete product, you’ll need warehouse space to store it all. Once your marketing strategy gains traction, fulfilling orders can become an arduous, time-consuming process. In addition to storage space, you’ll need manpower to process sales, fulfill orders, and track inventories.

MacroCap Labs can save you time, money, and space by being your solution to shipping. Not only can we warehouse your products, we can fulfill all your approved orders, and send you a daily shipping manifest with tracking numbers for each dispatch. We offer a variety of shipping options, including same-day drop shipping of orders direct to individual customers and to any of your major distributors. With MacroCap Labs, there’s no need for you to worry about warehousing, no need for extra manpower to fulfill orders, and no need to invest in expensive inventory management systems. We do it all for you! As always, information on your customers and distributors is kept highly confidential as you grow your company.

You may wonder why you wouldn’t handle these aspects yourself. One reason is because of the large number of dropship supplements that we ship, we have close relationships with nearly every major carrier and receive substantial discounts on all our shipments. In turn, we are able to pass this savings on to you, improving your bottom line! Since you wont be paying for a shipment to a distribution center, and then paying additional fees for fulfillment, your savings are compounded with every step of the fulfillment process.

Let MacroCap’s logistics experts handle the behind the scenes shipments, and dedicate your time to what’s really important – improving your product line and expanding your business. You’ll find that the time you save is one of the most valuable aspects of our fulfillment services.

Now that you know how to ship, the last remaining question is what exactly are we shipping? How will you finished product look, and what factors should you take into consideration?

Production Final Product

Everything You Need for Contract Manufacturing Vitamins and Supplements – Under One Roof!

MacroCap Labs can save you valuable time and money with our hassle-free production, packaging and labeling, design services, and order fulfillment. We offer in-house solutions for every step of the process. From our experienced team of product advisers, to our professional graphic design experts, we can help you craft a successful product you’ll be proud to call your own. We even offer fulfillment and inventory systems, leaving you free to focus on growing your business – we do it all for you! Our team takes pride in our work and that makes all the difference in the world. Let us help you create a product of your very own.

Let MacroCap Labs provide the solution for all of your supplement contract manufacturing needs:

  • Bodybuilding Supplement Manufacturer
  • Herbal Product Manufacturer
  • Whey Protein Manufacturer
  • Contract Manufacturing Nutritional Supplements
  • Vitamin Manufacturing

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