1) Our Experience

The team at MacroCap Labs is no stranger to what it takes to be a top-tier supplement contract manufacturer. In fact, MacroCap had humble beginnings as a supplement company before taking on the world of contract manufacturing.
In the beginning, MacroCap was searching for a reliable contractor that could bring their vision of a natural supplement line to life. Our top priorities were to make research-driven supplements using the highest quality ingredients. We searched far and wide for a contractor who could quickly fulfill orders in a cost effective manner. What we found was a disappointing culture of contractors who cut corners or offered subpar services to pad their bottom line. We couldn’t seem to find a company that offered the full range of quality services that we required to establish a successful line of supplements. Product formulations were lacking and behind current research trends. Graphic design services were downright laughable. Customer Service was an afterthought. Dissatisfied with what was available, MacroCap began investing in in-house solutions that could fulfill our strict requirements.

What started as a small company striving for excellence has grown into a large scale production facility dedicated to quality. We’ve spent years fine-tuning our supply process and upgrading our facilities to better accommodate the unique needs of those seeking contract manufacturing. Our experienced team has covered every base because we already know what it takes to satisfy our customers. We’ve been there, done that! Put our years of experience to work for you!

2) Our Facilities

Our team is only one aspect of our successful business. Throughout the years, MacroCap has made investing back into our facilities a top priority, and as a result we’ve maintained the technological edge that set us apart from the beginning. Our facility has been engineered to maximize productivity, from our series of manufacturing lines to our automated shipping department. We take pride in being the strongest link in the supply chain and try to always make our facilities a reflection of our team.

3) Customer Service

What really sets us apart from our competitors is our unwavering dedication to YOUR business. We give each individual inquiry its due diligence to ensure that we can fulfill every facet of your request. We don’t see it as simply a “new order”, rather; we treat each customer as a new project, and dedicate the resources necessary to complete each unique project. The first step in filling your order is to assign an individual project manager to oversee your order from start to finish, and act as your personal emissary within our warehouse. This personal approach ensures that your finished product truly is a reflection of your brand and its unique vision. Assigning individual project managers also lends accessibility to a business usually dominated by monolithic manufacturers who view customer service as a nuisance. Their focus on filling orders cheaply and as fast as possible often comes at the expense of the customer, whose vision may not be fully realized due to poor communication and teamwork. Here at MacroCap, we’re not satisfied until you are, and we work to earn your satisfaction.

Everything You Need for Contract Manufacturing Vitamins and Supplements – Under One Roof!

MacroCap Labs can save you valuable time and money with our hassle-free production, packaging and labeling, design services, and order fulfillment. We offer in-house solutions for every step of the process. From our experienced team of product advisers, to our professional graphic design experts, we can help you craft a successful product you’ll be proud to call your own. We even offer fulfillment and inventory systems, leaving you free to focus on growing your business – we do it all for you! Our team takes pride in our work and that makes all the difference in the world. Let us help you create a product of your very own.

Let MacroCap Labs provide the solution for all of your supplement contract manufacturing needs:

  • Bodybuilding Supplement Manufacturer
  • Herbal Product Manufacturer
  • Whey Protein Manufacturer
  • Contract Manufacturing Nutritional Supplements
  • Vitamin Manufacturing

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